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Interest Survey for J1 Internship/Trainee Visa Program with NorCham USA

We are exploring the possibility of creating a J1 internship program where NorCham acts as the facilitator or matchmaker between Norwegian companies operating in the US and Norwegian students studying in the US. The idea is to leverage NorCham's strong network in the US to collaborate with Norwegian companies to find suitable Norwegian students or recent graduates who can intern with these companies. NorCham would serve as the intermediary between the companies and the students. To handle the complexities of visa acquisition, we are considering partnering with a third-party company, as the J1 visa process can be very tedious and often a barrier.

There are several reasons why we are pursuing this initiative:

  1. It creates significant value by strengthening the relationship between Norway and the US through NorCham's efforts. 

  2. If implemented successfully, it will generate revenue for NorCham.

  3. It strengthens our organization and makes us more attractive to other Norwegian companies, aiding further expansion and interest. 

We have drafted a survey to help us understand if this initiative would be valuable to you.

Is your company interested in hosting interns/trainees through the J1 Visa Program?
What duration of internships would your company prefer? (Select all that apply)
Would your company prefer paid or unpaid internships?
How many interns/trainees would your company potentially host per year?
What are the main benefits your company sees in hosting international interns? (Select all that apply)
What challenges or concerns might your company have about participating in the J1 Visa Program? (Select all that apply)
How important is it for your company to have support in navigating visa regulations and compliance?
Would your company be interested in receiving more information or a presentation about the J1 Internship/Trainee Visa Program?
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